Dick Devos Gives Money to School Choice Program

Connection With the School Choice Program

The founder of the multi million dollar conglomerate known as Amway and the leader of several local political activism committees, Dick Devos, has recently discussed his support of the school choice program initiative. This initiative has always been important to Dick Devos and his family. The businessman began to support the school choice program financially when he began his involvement in the local government in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a leader of the local Republican party in the city, Dick Devos helped to develop programs that would allow poor families to choose charter schools or private schools for their children to attend. For the past two decades, Devos and his family have worked tirelessly to ensure that children from all backgrounds are able to attend quality educational facilities and the businessman is still fighting to support these programs on a local and national level.


Charitable Contributions to the School Choice Program

Since he began his involvement with the school choice program in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dick Devos has contributed heavily to campaigns for officials who support school choice referendums, as well as scholarships for students to attend charter and private schools. In a recent publication by the Washington Post, it was reported that Devos had spent more than 8 million dollars during the last decade to ensure that underprivileged students had access to a quality education. Recently, Devos has made headlines for his contribution to the Foundation for School Choice, which gives financial vouchers to students who cannot afford a private education.


Nomination of Betsy Devos to the Presidential Cabinet

The nomination of his wife, Betsy Devos, to the office of Secretary of the United States Education Department, has done little to decrease Dick Devos’ support of the school choice initiative. In fact, Dick Devos seems to have been encouraged by his wife’s nomination and the couple works tirelessly to ensure that all American students are able to receive educational options and access to a positive future.


Future Plans for Support of School Choice Initiatives

Going forward, Dick Devos has announced his support of at least three new organizations that will seek to implement school choice programs on a state wide level. Because Devos is a huge supporter of grass roots organizations and of school choice programs, he has contributed millions of dollars to these agencies in an effort to spread school choice awareness.


To learn more, visit http://dickdevos.com/.

The US money reserve and the support for the Hurricane Harvey victims

In the fall of 2017, Austin, Texas suffered one of the worst natural disasters in US history. The US Money reserve announced its partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network. The organization is dedicated to supporting those who were affected in the cyclone. For people to try to go there to support would be counterproductive. Supporters would be taking up valuable hotel, apartment and home spaces that the victims would need. As an alternative, the Money Reserve encourages donation support. They will match anyone’s donation up to $100,000 so support can go the response groups quicker.


It wasn’t just Austin the entire gulf coast was affected included Nicaragua and Louisiana. The Money Reserve was founded in Austin but they also have main offices in Beaumont and Lumberton. The huge shocker to many is that this was the first major hurricane in America since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Across the four major days during the hurricane, there was an estimated 40-65 inches of rainfall and at least 82 people were killed. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott has stated that the recovery is going to be expensive and the recovery will cost around $180 billion. The federal aid has funds, but they can only so much. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-reports-how-to-protect-wealth-from-increasing-global-risks-in-exclusive-ebook-300475919.html


The US money reserve was founded in Austin, Texas. They make it very clear on there website that they are not associated with the US government or the US mint. It is however, authorized by Congress. They are one of the countries largest distributors when it comes to coins. They also help clients with producing gold coins and do so with efficiency. Over they years they have help hundreds of thousands of customers make educated decisions when it comes to silver, gold and platinum. They also have their own guide dedicated to helping others make decisions on gold.


Philip N. Diehl is their 35th director and built a career on helping American with Financial freedom. His experience on coins and the market is useful for support the US mint clients. They offer personalized service, if that is what your needs require. They have a seal of trust logo, embodying the four pillars of satisfaction. The company has received a triple A rating from consumer alliance based on their customer satisfaction. With that, they have a Buyback gurantee policy as well as fast and insured shipping that will come to you in 5 days or less.

Fabletics Revenue Advances Through Crowd Power

It has been a little over 4 years in action for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand, and with something like a $250 million dollar valuation with significant increase every year of operation the company cannot be deemed anything other than a great success. One of their top secrets is to utilize the “power of the crowd” better than those with similar product inventory. Crowd-sourced reviews are becoming one of the most trusted resources for potential buyers, and the best brands are shifting marketing efforts in that direction.


Fabletics has over one million paying members who are categorize as VIP and receive a store credit based on their membership fee if they choose to skip purchasing for the month. BrightLocal is a research firm who has released studies indicating that today’s consumers trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation from someone they know in the real world, and that is great news for the e-commerce vendors who are able to get this info onto a user’s screen. The traditional advertising methods are being overtaken by consumer reviews which customers are generally looking for when they research a company nowadays.


These genuine and authentic reviews are being used by more of the top stores because they understand that people believe in them and search for them more frequently than ever before in order to get the metrics they need in order to determine if a product will be right for them or their family. Not only that, but these real reviews from other buyers will almost always help to increase search rankings for a brand. Specific features such as the local organic search results or even the Google Local 3-Pack are more likely to showcase the product from a store which has relevant reviews available close by.


All of this means that the revenue stream is likely to increase significantly and that repeat customers will reward the brands like Fabletics with their loyalty and return business. It has been an inspiring performance from Kate Hudson who leveraged her Hollywood stardom and “Almost Famous” portfolio in order to push hard for the athleisure brand to set new standards in regards to the customer attraction. From an early onset as a small startup venture, the company has been a passion of Kate Hudson’s as she got her hands deeply involved with so many aspects as to keep everything growing in a positive direction and fast.


The company has brought things that are both stylish and affordable so that the pocketbooks of those with a desire to stay trendy could stay full. Now, they are even pushing the periphery beyond just athletic wear in order to offer members dresses and swimwear as well as Fabletic’s official footwear which includes some slip-ons, a host of lifestyle sneakers, and trendy workout shoes. The company should continue to expand with the number of physical retail stores set to grow as well as profits from the crowdsourced stream of customers looking like it will also grow in the near future. Be sure to take the Fabletic’s Lifestyle Quiz to find the products best for you!



Mike Baur a Swiss by nationality, is an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is the Co-Founder of and the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory. Mikes academic experience is in the field of business which puts him in the best position to manage businesses. Mike holds an MBA degree from the University of Rochester New York and also an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. Therefor he is well equipped with the necessary skills required to hold leadership positions in the business environment. Mike Baur has over 20 years of experience in private banking sector. Mike earlier worked for Clariden Leu and UBS too. In the year 2014 while at the age of 39, Mike Baur begun his entrepreneurial journey and together with Max Meister and Olive Walzer he Co-founded the Swiss startup factory.


Swiss Startup factory is one of the liveliest accelerator Startup investors in Switzerland and as well as all rounded company. It is also the Number one autonomous and privately financed company. The company invests in the most hopeful Swiss initial juncture Startups. As much as the company is a Zurich-based accelerator, Swiss Startup Factory looks for flourishing digital businesspersons and entrepreneurs and provides opportunities that are exciting to them on a day to day basis. This is made possible through the network that they have created in Switzerland as well as their global network. In order to realize their striving goals the company runs a program that is three months long as a start-up accelerator in which it offers exceptional platform of services, mentorship, coaching, and workplace space in the center of Zurich as well as network for entrepreneurial connections.


Mike devotes most of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and since he has a big heart he supports a number of Swiss Startups financially. He also extends a mentorship hand to this Swiss Startups too. In February the year 2016, Mike Baur led the Swiss Startup Factory through its partnership with Fintech Fusion. In the same year 2016, Mike Baur steered the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator program too. In the same year too, that is, December 2016, Baur’s early career that begins from Swiss banking to entrepreneurship and to startup investments was profiled in the Wall Street Journal. At the Swiss Start-up Factory Mike Baur has the mandate of fundraising and financing rounds too.


Mike Baur is a hero for managing to successfully create a global company that disrupts the prevailing standards, merchandises, and corporate models.

Costs Vs. Benefits Of Joining The Traveling Vineyard

When looking for alternative methods to earn cash, you have s many options. However, not all of the options can guarantee you a steady revenue. Instead, some just eat your hard-earned money and waste your time and effort. Therefore, it is important to analyze the costs versus benefits of every alternative business before making an investment. For those that are interested I starting a business with the reputable Traveling Vineyard, here are some pointers to note.

The number one rule is to never invest in a business where the cost seems to exceed the revenues. So, let us take a look at the cost of being a wine guide. First, you have to pay $99 for the success kit. The success kit is basically that. You get everything you need to be successful in the business- from marketing brochures to wine and accessories.

For your first two tasting events, you have to purchase two tasting sets. Each of the sets cost $75, translating to 150 for each event. So, after the first testing, you will have invested $250. However, you have the opportunity to earn half of it back. $75 can be earned back if you sell more than $150 and also get three orders. Also, if in the first 60 days, you make $1,400, you will get $50 as rebate.

The revenues start to stream in with your first party. Depending on your marketing efforts, you will earn 15-35 percent of the revenues. Also, you are eligible to earning a 20% commission the sales of the company products. Increasing the revenues is on your efforts. You can employ a team of marketers to help you increase the number of orders you get. This will definitely improve your revenues. Another way to make money as a wine guide is to invite your friends to join. In the first 60 days, if they make $750 and above, you get a $100 commission.

Other than material benefits, The Traveling Vineyard allows you the freedom to work within your own set schedule. Also you enjoy free training and support from the Traveling Vineyard Family.

Find more about Traveling Vineyard: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25432-5-best-wine-routes-france-according-traveling-vineyard

Sweetgreen and Its Exponential Growth Rate in the Food Industry

Sweetgreen is a restaurant company founded by Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas jammet, and Jonathan Neman. Interesting to note, the company has grown exponentially. The founders aim at creating a brand that is very well spoken, which can market itself. Sweetgreen also incorporates technology in their business. The Georgetown University classmates offer tech solutions at Sweetgreen with 30 percent of the transactions at Sweetgreen being carried out through their mobile app while others at their website. Truly Tech has been part of the skeleton and pillars at the firm.


The three co-founders use very effective management strategies especially in making sure that Sweetgreen is close to its customers. Doing so, they develop a cordial relationship between the customers and Sweetgreen. For instance, Sweetgreen completely shuts down the corporate office exactly five times each year where it aims at ensuring that everyone can enjoy their restaurant.


The company does not specifically have a headquarter office although it recently opened an office in the city of Los Angeles. The aim is to try and help grow the company nationally and make it renown. They incorporate decentralization as they work towards success . The three co-founders have many things in common. Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet took an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University, and this is where they met. In addition to that, the three company CEO’s parents surprisingly started their businesses. Therefore, it’s clear that the entrepreneurship mind was in their family lineage. The parents of the three are also first generation immigrants to the United States.


Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Newman identified an opportunity at Georgetown. They realized that the Georgetown area had no healthy affordable eating restaurants. So after graduation from college, the trio capitalized on the idea of starting a restaurant. They opened their first restaurant in the year 2007. The first initiative was promising as it was successful despite most of the students being on vacation,leaving the campus nearly empty. This was a clear indication that their business was going to be successful.


Sweetgreen firm has so far grown and developed. For instance, in the year 2016 October, it had 64 operational stores across the United States of America, the stores are located in the following states; California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia among others.


Nathaniel Ru, one of the famous co-founders of Sweetgreen, was born in Pasadena. He also spent his childhood in the same place. Nathaniel Ru graduated with a BSc in Finance from the Business School of Georgetown University in 2007. Nathaniel Ru has appeared in the Forbes “30 under 30” among other places such as Food and Wines “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and under”.


Follow Nathaniel Ru on twitter.

Get to know Marc Sparks in 5 minutes

Those who have heard about Marc Sparks know he is a very successful entrepreneur. According to him, he achieved success through luck. He does not consider himself better than other entrepreneurs. He has given the story of how he became successful in a bid to encourage others to follow his footsteps. His book that is entitled “they can’t eat you” describes how he became successful. You can buy the book at Amazon. Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000


Marc is a philanthropist who loves sharing his cash with the less fortunate. Marc is known to be one of the donors of a local program in Dallas, Texas where he grew up. The program helps the young people get high school diplomas. Apart from giving out money, Marc volunteers his time by talking to the youth. In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, Marc has helped build houses for the needy in the society. Marc is also a volunteer at the Samaritan Inn, a local homeless shelter in Dallas. Learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Marc does not own just one business; he owns several businesses. However, he is mainly involved in telecommunication while running other businesses as well.


As a venture capitalist, Sparks loves funding entrepreneurs who seem to have the likelihood of success. Despite the fact that this is highly speculative, he has an edge to it. The book mentioned earlier has provided entrepreneurs with tips and motivation to venture into business. It gives individuals good guideline on how to be successful in the business world. According to Marc, any person in the world can become successful.


Each startup firm needs funding. However, venture capitalists do not just give assistance like that. Someone like Marc Sparks is looking for something special. Below are some of the factors that venture capitalists look for


  • Unique services or proprietary – venture capitalists need something unique, something that only your company offers. Otherwise, it will be hard to attract any funding. They need to see a return on investment, and a standard product is not going to attract them. Innovators need to come up with a unique product or service that is unique.


  • Startup owners should use data sales if they are available – if the product or service is already in the market, then it is an opportunity to utilize it and to prove demand. Venture capitalists need to see that the goods are already in demand and people are clamoring for them. It is easier for them to get interested this way.


  • Clear-cut strategy on how to use their money – this is probably the most crucial part. No one will give out funding without knowing how the startup will spend it. A good business plan with a unique strategy worth investing.


Amicus Therapeutics Profile

A Company Glimpse of Amicus Therapeutics

If you want to get the most out of your medical care, it is always best to contact a company that serves as a leader in its sector. Amicus Therapeutics is a business located in New Jersey that gives people all that they need in terms of genetic disease research and technology. Biotechnology is a growing field, and Amicus Therapeutics is one of the companies that has stood at the forefront as they continuously expand their services.


Amicus Technologies is a company that has been in the field for years, having first opened their doors in the year 2002. They began publicly trading in the year 2007 and have been incredibly productive ever since.

This as a company that operates on a global basis, providing people with a lot of different treatments for the most rare and devastating diseases. They specialize in genetic disease research and always are providing patients with alternatives and treatment options which will be helpful and a break from the norm in the medical industry.

Because these diseases are so rare, it can be frightening to receive a diagnosis. It is not a coincidence that a lot of diseases are misdiagnosed multiple times over the course of years. Amicus Therapeutics is a company that always looks to put patients into the best position to get treatment. They will be able to help you out whether you are dealing with something like epidermolysis bullosa and Pompe disease.

As opposed to just collecting money, Amicus Therapeutics specializes in and focuses on making an actual difference in the lives of their patients. They do everything that they can to impacts patients, while also providing the most informed and educated caregivers around.

Contact this practice if you want to learn a little bit more about certain genetic diseases. This is a company that is based in New Jersey and always does everything that they came to advocate for their patients. They are at the cutting edge of the biotechnology industry and always go about business in a way that helps people get the relief that they need from various diseases and ailments.

More here: Twitter | Facebook |

Mike Baur’s Vision for the World Web Forum

World Web Forum, a project that was started by Mike Baur and his partners of the SSUF, is a project that focuses on getting entrepreneurs to implement what they have learned. Although the idea behind the project is innovation, it is essential to execute in order to make progress. This is where Mike Baur and his partners come into play with the World Web Forum. This program features the startup accelerator as well as co-working spaces that encourage collaboration.


The accelerator program is 3 months long, and is designed to help entrepreneurs learn more about how to get started with financing, as well as with coaching and mentoring in the office space. The program requires an application from all who wish to participate. The idea is to put entrepreneurs together along with their ideas and get them working together to make a smooth transition. Those who come into the program and use the co-working spaces soon discover that they are able to share their ideas and collaborate with ease and professionalism.


Those who want to take advantage of the co-working spaces will be required to purchase their furniture as well as their desk space and access to the conference rooms. This space also includes a lunch room, as well as a fitness room, free wifi, and a studio where participants can work with film and video. Additionally, they have access to a coffee bar and storage space as needed.


Baur believes that getting access to the right financial advice as well as the best in accounting is a great experience for young startups, as well as giving them access to the very best bankers in the industry and what they know. Baur himself with more than 20 years of private banking experience knows the ropes and what to teach these entrepreneurs before they enter the world as business owners. Students will learn more about bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial services that are all needed in order to run an efficient company from beginning to end.


The mission of the program is to not only get students to remain focused to the point of execution, but Baur and his partners also encourage these young entrepreneurs to use their talent and knowledge to reach ambitious milestones.



Wild Ark’s Conservation Experience is Beneficial

Wild Ark is a company that works with people who want to live authentically and make as small of a footprint as possible on the earth. They work to find the most preserved areas and do everything that they can to keep them that way even when people are visiting them. Wild Ark has been able to find locations that are nearby popular destinations and they work to give people the chance to truly enjoy everything that the area has to offer. By doing this, Wild Ark is giving everyone a chance to truly explore the world and get a taste of what it is like without the problems that humans often bring to it. The company is dedicated to staying as green and earth friendly as possible so that they can do their part to make things better on the earth which, in turn, makes it better for people living on the earth. Learn more: http://wildark.com/study-the-wild/


Most people do not realize how their vacationing can have a negative effect on the world. The tourist destinations are littered with trash and refuse from all of the vacationers, large resorts wreak havoc on ecosystems and it can be hard to truly have an understanding for the beauty of an area when people are living their lives on the area. This is something that has taken away from the authentic vacation and something that has made it hard for people to be able to get the most out of. While other people are working to provide everything that they need in these areas, Wild Ark is working to make the earth better in these areas. Learn more: https://www.instagram.com/wild.ark/?hl=en


Anyone who vacations with Wild Ark will be able to recognize that the company is dedicated to the earth. There are many rules that come along with vacationing with the company and it is something that has set them apart even from other “green” travel companies. You must be respectful of where you are staying, waste as little as possible and integrate yourself in to the local culture. Doing this will help keep the vacation green and will give you a more authentic experience. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/29/david-pocock-will-spend-his-sabbatical-saving-the-world/